Prodigies in Action Alert: World Youth Championships

The 2015 World Youth and Cadets Chess Championships began today in Greece. Many of our highly ranked prodigies that we follow closely are participating, particularly in the younger sections.

In the U18 section the top two seeds have Prodigy Ranks of #105 and #127, meaning their ratings are just outside the top 100 of all time, for their ages.

Atop the U16 section is IM Francesco Rambaldi, with a prodigy rank of #49. Also competing are #83 Luca Moroni and #85 Adham Fawzy.

The U14 section features top seed M. Amin Tabatabaei, with his prodigy rank of #32, along with #31 Viktor Gazik (lower rated but also younger, and thus slightly higher rated as a prodigy), #49 Andrey Esipenko, #52 Thai Dai Van Nguyen, #79 Nicolas Checa, and #86 Aryan Gholami.

The U12 section has super prodigies #1 Nodirbek Abdusattorov (the highest rated player of all time for his age), #2 Vincent Keymer, #13 Alireza Firouzja, and #18 Awonder Liang all competing for the same prize.

The U10 section has Javokhir Sindarov, who also holds a #1 prodigy rank relative to his age. Also competing in this section are #29 R Praggnanandhaa, and #40 Isik Can. 11 players in this section (again, a section of players under the age of ten) are rated 2000 or above!

I compiled the above list quickly, so it’s not necessarily comprehensive. There may be other elite youngsters also in the field, with top-100 or even top-50 prodigy ranks that I didn’t notice and mention. If you enjoy tracking prodigies in real time, this is a can’t miss event. Games are being streamed live at all the normal locations (chess24, chessbomb, chessdom, etcetera). The tournament is 11 rounds with Swiss pairings, so as results come in over the next two weeks we’ll definitely keep an eye on who the leaders of each section are, which top prodigies are gaining or losing the most rating points, and what lower rated players are adding their names to the mix.