About The Author

Tai Pruce-Zimmerman is an accountant and chess enthusiast (and major patzer!). For most of his life he has been obsessed with both statistics and with chess. In recent years, he has spent a lot of time combining these two fascinations, and analyzing chess statistics in a variety of ways. This blog is the result!

You can expect to see lots of analysis of chess prodigies, simulated results of major tournaments, scores, and frequency, of various different openings. And plenty of other concepts as well. If it is a form of chess analytics, it will probably show up here eventually!

One thing you WON’T find here is chess instruction, or much analysis of individual games. There are plenty of other places for you to improve your own chess skills. The focus here is on large sample sizes and broader statistical analysis. So if that sounds intriguing to you, then please follow along!

The author can be contacted by email at chessnumbers@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Many of the USA players’ ages can be given within one month, based on the USCF Top 100 Lists. However, be aware that older lists used a different method (age as of 1st day of previous month) from the current method (age as of 1st day of same month). These are all available online.


  2. I’ve just discovered your site. The 2015 FIDE World Cup has had me tinkering with a few metrics and thoughts myself. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen of your thoughts, concepts and articles. I’m retired and enjoy following tournament chess and professional baseball. This summer has been an entertaining season for both. Like you, I’d categorize myself as a major Patzer at both chess and baseball. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing more.


    • Hmm… I wonder what the baseball equivalent of a 1500 rating is. I played in high school, and used to call baseball “my religion”, but haven’t touched a field in a decade. Safe to say I’m a patzer there too at this point. I like that concept! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog!


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